BUD Special Fund

  •  Increase the cumulative funding limit for each enterprise to 4 million yuan, including 2 million yuan for the implementation of projects in the Mainland and 2 million yuan for the implementation of projects in ASEAN and other free trade agreement economies. 

  • Increase the initial funding ratio from 25% of the total approved government funding to as high as 75%.

  • Exempt the funded enterprise from opening and maintaining a separate interest-bearing account, and the requirement to deposit equivalent funds in the account before receiving the initial funding.

  • All projects (including those that choose to apply for the first grant) can be carried out after submitting the application form.

  • Relax the upper limit of the budget ratio of individual expenditure items (including purchasing/renting additional machinery/equipment, making samples/models, patents/trademarks/designs/utility model patent registrations).

  • Add more projects that can be funded by the government (including the establishment of new business units in the Mainland, purchase/lease of additional machinery/equipment under the Mainland plan to increase production capacity, etc.). 

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[ BUD special fund grant amount increased from 1 million to 2 million]

BUD Special Fund / BUD Enterprise Support Program-The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government launched a "Special Fund for Brand Development, Upgrade and Transformation and Expansion of the Domestic Market" (referred to as "BUD Special Fund") with a total value of 1 billion yuan in June 2012. In order to help small and medium enterprises, including start-ups, seize economic opportunities and enhance competitiveness, the 2018-19 Budget proposes to expand the scope of funding of the "BUD Special Fund" to the ASEAN market and launch the "ASEAN Plan", and Raise the cumulative subsidy ceiling for individual companies to implement projects to expand the Chinese mainland market (the "Mainland Project"). The Finance Committee of the Legislative Council approved this proposal in June 2018 and injected 1.5 billion yuan.

[ Good news for BUD special fund enterprise support plan]

Applications starting from January 20, 2020 will benefit from the following enhancement measures

  • The total funding for the Mainland program doubled to 2 million

  • ASEAN plans to expand to all free trade areas and double it to 2 million

  • Initial funding increased from 25% to up to 75%

  • No need to open a separate account and allocate funds for the first funding

BUD is divided into "Mainland programme" and "ASEAN programme". Each of the two schemes can provide up to 2 million yuan in 1 to 1 funding to companies that have successfully applied for it, that is, if the companies plan at the same time or have opened up the mainland And the ASEAN market will receive government funding of up to 4 million yuan.