SME market  

          Promotion Fund(EMF)

We have many clients who have successfully obtained EMF funds. Whether you are interested in this program or have any questions about the application, please contact us.

The fund will launch further optimization measures in April 2020. Virtual exhibitions organized by relevant government agencies or exhibitors with good reputation and past performance will be funded by the Fund. Further details will be announced on this page in late April 2020.

Starting from January 20, 2020, the cumulative funding limit for each company under the "SME Marketing Fund " has been increased from 400,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan, and companies can apply for the first grant for their planned export promotion activities .

Free consultation

We will try to understand your company’s plans through instant messaging tools, phone calls or meetings, and we are happy to talk to you, absolutely free


If you want to apply for the funding program yourself, we will do our best to help. If you need a professional team to help you develop a business plan and application, we are happy to provide you with services

Make a plan

We will develop a business plan for you, and you will be invited to provide it regularly throughout the process


After confirming the business plan, after your approval, we will apply for the funding plan for you. Or we can provide all the materials so you can take over the application process

【good news】

  • There is no limit to the number of applications, each time the funding amount is 50% of the project cost, up to 100,000 yuan

  • Each company can receive up to 800,000 yuan in subsidies

  • The scope of funding includes websites, online shops, online advertisements, exhibitions, etc., and can also be used to promote business mobile apps


  • Pre-approved, no need to wait for government procedures to start

[Documents required for SME Marketing Fund (EMF) application]


  • Completed application form


  • A copy of the valid business registration certificate of the applying company (Business registration certificate)


  • Form1a or Form1c of an unlimited company, or NAR1 of a limited company


  • A copy of the identity document representing the person applying for the enterprise


  • The originals and copies of receipts of various expenses, and copies of relevant quotations, invoices and contracts (specified documents required according to individual circumstances)

[ Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Marketing Fund ( EMF ) funding model]

  • 1. The maximum amount of subsidy for each activity of the "SME Marketing Fund" is 50% of the expenditure, and the upper limit is 100,000 yuan

  • 2. There is no limit to the number of applications for the "SME Marketing Fund", but there can only be a total subsidy of up to 800,000 yuan.

  • 3. The "SME Market Promotion Fund" is dedicated to subsidizing SMEs to explore overseas markets. The export activities generally supported by the Promotion Fund include:

(i). Website
(ii) Participate in overseas trade fairs
(iii). Participate in local exhibitions focusing on overseas markets
(iv). Advertising for overseas markets / electronic platforms / media advertising
(v). Establish and improve online stores and mobile applications for overseas markets
**The "SME Marketing Fund" does not accept deductions for promotion, daily operations, employee salaries, rent and general administrative expenses.