Technology Voucher Scheme

      Innovation and Technology Fund

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In November 2016, the government launched the "Technology Voucher Pilot Scheme" in a pilot form to subsidize local SMEs to adopt technology services and solutions to enhance productivity, upgrade and transform. Companies can use technology coupons to construct systems to optimize operations and management, make mobile apps for market promotion, and so on. Since February 28, 2019, the plan has been included as the next constant funding plan of the Innovation and Technology Fund, and it has been extended to enterprises of all sizes (except listed companies) to apply. Each eligible company can receive up to HK$400,000 in subsidies.

(1) Registered in Hong Kong and have substantive business operations for at least one year; and
(2) Manufacturing companies employing less than 100 people, or non-manufacturing companies employing less than 50 people

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【latest news】

Technology Voucher Program overweight with effect from April 2020, the upper limit of subsidy increased from 400,000 to 600,000, financed by a 2 to 1 ratio rose to 3 to 1 (ie, government-funded project costs 75%), application technology coupon limit the number of owned by the 4 times to 6 times.

  • Required documents for technology voucher application

  • Business registration

  • A certified copy of the annual return of the company registry (Form NAR1) of the applicant company

  • Copies of supporting documents for substantive business operations

  • Certified copy of quotation

  • Copy of valid ID of the person signing the application form

  • Integrity clauses and non-collusion clauses in the quotation invitation letter/tender invitation letter

  • Completed Technology Voucher Application Form

[Documents required for technology voucher application]

  • Introduction leaflet

  • Application Guide

  • List of documents required for application

  • A copy of the applicant’s company registry’s annual return (Form NAR1). A copy of the proof of the actual business operations. A copy of the quotation to be selected. A copy of the quotation not selected. A copy of the valid ID of the person signing the application form.

  • Good faith and non-collusion quotation/tender confirmation template

  • Sample of a completed application form

  • Sample of the completed final report

[Science and Technology System Applicable to Technology Vouchers]

  • E-commerce system

The e-commerce system includes online store content management system (CMS), customer and management Apps, online payment, online marketing system, inventory management and automatic data collection system to facilitate customer consumption and improve customer loyalty.

  • Point of Sale Management System POS

Deal with various store sales situations, including cross-store management, member consumption records and management, online and offline links (O2O), and other retail business needs to improve operational efficiency.

  • CRM

Customer Relation Management (CRM) enables the company to centrally process the detailed information of all customers, understand the needs of existing and potential customers, and provide data for market promotion for analysis and increase sales.

  • Electronic appointment system

Regardless of venue management, equipment rental, business centers, clinics, etc., the reservation system can help users make proper arrangements in one-stop, and provide reports for analysis to improve overall operations.

  • Big data and cloud analysis solutions

Putting traditional systems on cloud systems such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) will help the overall sustainability of the IT system, reduce costs and risks, and conduct real-time big data collection and analysis.

  • Information Sharing Platform

Through the information sharing platform, customers and users can exchange information, reduce information and communication costs, and promote transactions and transaction volume.