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Introduction to mBot course


12-15 people, elementary and middle school students

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Course targets

Each session is 1 hour, the whole course is 10 hours in total (can be done after school or during class time)

10 knots


The mBot robot series is one of the products of Arduino. In addition to allowing students to learn about Arduino, the mBot course will also learn how to program with Scratch-based mBlock software, and take this opportunity to understand the difference between mBlock and Scratch, which highlights the diversity of mBlock. The mBot course will cooperate with programming to introduce the use of various basic electronic devices, and the programming software is simple to use. Even if students do not have a background in electronic and electrical subjects, they can easily learn to use mBot, so they can learn as long as they have basic computer operating skills.

mBot  (Bluetooth Home Edition)


Course photos

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