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Orange education is the education department of Kong Orange, which mainly provides STEM to school courses. The educational philosophy of Orange Education is to break through the ideological framework and give full play to infinite creativity, while Orange implies a circular range (O-range), which means infinite possibilities.

 Introduction to Aerial Photography Course 



Section number


Course targets

1.5 hours per session, 15 hours in total for the whole course

10 knots


(Select the applicable drone)

The aerial photography course allows students to understand all aspects of UAV applications, safety matters and provide practical opportunities for students to master this new technology. In addition, the instructor will also let students learn to use software to post-process the photos and videos taken, such as using Photoshop to adjust the light and dark colors of the photos and using Power Director software to edit the videos, so that students can take professional-level videos and Students' work can be displayed in exhibitions, such as school open days.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

DJI Spark

Tello​ r


Course photos