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Lego EV3 course introduction



Section number


Course targets

1.5 hours per session, 15 hours in total for the whole course

10 knots


You can choose basic , advanced or competitioncourse

Lego EV3 Robot is a textbook that combines fun and learning. It uses levers, gears and pulleys to increase interactivity and inspire students to develop their creativity and logical thinking. The center also provides special training for students in the competition, teaching students to make different intelligent robots, so that students can familiarize themselves with artificial intelligence programming skills and advanced robot making knowledge. The themes of the competition mainly include football robots, obstacle avoidance robots, and line-following robots. Students participating in the course will be able to bring the same works to participate in competitions, such as the Asian Inter-School Robotics Challenge and the World Olympic Robotics Competition.

LEGO Education EV3 Core Set (45544)
(WRO designated competition equipment)


Course photos

Lego EV3課程相片
Lego EV3課程相片
Lego EV3課程相片
Lego EV3課程相片
Lego EV3課程相片
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